Simon Morton. Picture: Supplied
Simon Morton. Picture: Supplied

Simon Morton puts true crime under the microscope in 'Forensics'

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Apr 8, 2021

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In a new five-part reality crime show on CBS Justice, presenter, Simon Morton puts true crime under the microscope.

“Forensics” takes viewers through real events as they unfolded for the police and the forensics team, finding and assessing clues directly from the crime scene. As the data is assembled, an intricate puzzle of what, when, where, how and who begins to unfold.

Award-winning radio show presenter, Simon Morton hosts the show and follows the multiple facets of forensic science.

From DNA, blood splatter and ballistics analysis, to climate and decomposition factors, each crime scene details different forensic analysis for completing the puzzle.

“Being involved in the series has made me realise that it’s pretty hard to get away with a crime these days. And forensic science was pretty new to me – particularly in terms of some of the specific technologies like lasers,” said Morton.

He said he never thought he would be interested in what happens to blood when it hits a surface, but learned that it tells a story.

“This can reveal so much about the method of the attack, the direction, the distance the individual was from the surface, from the ground. There’s so much information available in terms of being able to triangulate it all together, so it becomes a sort of geometric puzzle, he said.

He said when it is all put together with a narrative or witness testimony it becomes powerful data in the course of a criminal case.

Asked if scientists are today’s crime-fighters, he said: “I think that people who watch the series will gain a new level of respect for everyone who works across the huge range of disciplines that comprise forensic science.

“It spans everything from biology, entomology, chemistry and microbiology right through to tooling technology and manufacturing processes. Watching Forensics you start to understand the role that science plays, in terms of keeping criminals accountable”.

“Forensics” season 1 airs on Sundays at 8pm on CBS Justice (DStv channel 170).

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