Trevor Noah on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" on Wednesday. Picture: Comedy Central/"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah"
Trevor Noah on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" on Wednesday. Picture: Comedy Central/"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah"

WATCH: Trevor Noah roasts Donald Trump for altered Dorian map

By Allyson Chiu Time of article published Sep 6, 2019

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Trevor Noah didn't even try to contain his laughter Wednesday night. 

Superimposed on the screen next to the Comedy Central host was an image taken earlier in the day of President Donald Trump holding up what he claimed was an "original chart" forecasting the path of Hurricane Dorian. Only the map, dated August 29, had been altered, and now featured a lopsided semicircle drawn with black marker.

"Did he draw . . . did he draw with a Sharpie?" an incredulous Noah asked before dissolving into giggles.

On Wednesday, days after Trump erroneously tweeted a warning that Alabama would be among the areas "most likely" to be hit by the powerful storm, the president was widely mocked for displaying the doctored graphic that extended Dorian's projected cone into the southeastern corner of the state. 

The hand-drawn addition, which indicated the storm would move from Florida into Alabama, made it appear that Trump's Sunday tweet was correct, despite officials with the National Weather Service and updated forecasts saying otherwise.

"I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm impressed that Trump can locate Alabama on a map," Noah said. "But still, the president of the United States just changed a map with a Sharpie to make himself look right, and he thought we wouldn't notice." (White House spokesman Hogan Gidley confirmed that a Sharpie was used, but who drew the line remains a mystery.)

The illustration, shown in a video released by the White House Wednesday afternoon, instantly caught the attention of many, including late-night hosts, who ridiculed the president for once again appearing to distort facts. By early Thursday, "#sharpiegate" and other similar hashtags were still trending on Twitter.

"He's not even trying to hide the lies anymore," ABC host Jimmy Kimmel said. "Not only do we have fake news, we now have fake weather, too."

On their respective shows, Noah and Stephen Colbert both cracked jokes about how the enhanced map reminded them of a breast augmentation surgery.

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