‘My mother-in-law casually mentioned that she breastfed my baby’

Mother-in-law opened up about breastfeeding her grandson. Picture: Pexels Wendy Wei

Mother-in-law opened up about breastfeeding her grandson. Picture: Pexels Wendy Wei

Published Jul 10, 2023


Breast milk is best. No one is going to contest that.

But one would expect that breast milk to come from the mother of the child, not someone else.

How would you feel if you found out that someone else tried to breastfeed your baby?

A Reddit user took to the popular app to share her horrific experience with her mother-in-law who took it upon herself to breastfeed her son.

The mom shared that she left her son with her mother-in-law for the day.

When she returned and started chatting about the day, the mother-in-law told her in “mid-conversation” that the baby refused to take the bottle and then she tried “soothing him” by “breastfeeding” him.

“She just casually brought it up like it was the most normal thing ever,” writes the user.

She then clarified that the mother-in-law “does not produce breast milk” and “wasn’t even trying to feed the baby.”

Nevertheless, she “just sat there in shock” after hearing what her mother-in-law told her, “then started nervously laughing.”

“Then I told my husband when he came home and started crying,” she writes.

“I feel horrified. She’s definitely not babysitting anymore,” she adds.

Redditors were left shocked with most of them saying that it was inappropriate and disgusting.

“If there was no milk, your baby was sucking on someone else’s sweaty boob,” commented one user.

“I feel like this would be okay in an apocalyptic world where the mom is unable to produce milk but not okay in a day-to-day world where a family member is babysitting casually for a few hours while mom is at Target,” said another.

“Ooh yuck. I can see why you were so uncomfortable about it. Her not even lactating makes it a thousand times worse” said another,” a shocked person wrote.