File photo: Samantha Markle. Picture: Screengrab/YouTube
File photo: Samantha Markle. Picture: Screengrab/YouTube

Duchess of Sussex’s half sister wants to be relevant again so she’s going for the jugular

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Nov 14, 2020

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What’s that saying? You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends?

This much-used term probably applies to the Duchess of Sussex who never seems to catch a break when it comes to her estranged siblings.

Samantha Markle has been a regular fixture on the tabloid scene ever since her sister walked down the aisle in May 2018 and married her real-life prince.

She accused her sister Meghan of deliberately ghosting their father after he failed to show up at her wedding.

Most of her accusations were without merit. And for a while, she disappeared off the radar.

Until now.

Speaking with Dan Wootton on the UK's talkRadio, Samantha described her sister's tribute to fallen soldiers at a California cemetery on Sunday as an "exploitative photo opportunity."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex embarked on a private visit to the gravesites of two Commonwealth soldiers at the Los Angeles National Cemetery to observe Remembrance Sunday.

"Well, don't get me started on the concept of photo scandals, because allegedly that was the reason she disowned our father," Samantha said while alluding to Thomas Markle's now-infamous staged paparazzi photos in the run-up to his daughter’s wedding.

“I think what is most glaring about any Remembrance Day is not only is important to remember those who have sacrificed but as a reminder that life is precious and short and we should certainly pay gratitude,” she added.

Taking a final dig at her estranged half sister, she concluded with: “Seize the day, seize the moment, apologize and make good with those who are alive who have given us so much because after all, we are finite.”

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