Fans salute Natasha Thahane for reaching out to family in need



Published Jul 15, 2021


South African actress Natasha Thahane has opened her heart and wallet to a family affected by the widespread looting in KwaZulu-Natal.

The Blood & Water star reached out to Twitter user @Thabane_ who had earlier tweeted his family had lost every thing after looters set their apartment building on fire.

“They've just burnt the apartment building my family and I are staying in. I'm standing on streets with an 11 month old and a petrified four year old. I've never experienced so much pain,” he wrote.

Like many other families in the area, he found himself homeless, prompting Thahane to respond with a gesture of goodwill.

“Can I please book an Airbnb for you & your family for the rest of the month.

“So sorry you’re going through this,” she said.

Thahane’s response saw an outpouring of support from others.

“Can organisations like Gift of the Givers make some donations drives so the nation can assist the destitute whatever little we can donate can go a long.”

“I really appreciate and thank you sis Natasha, for your heartfelt support to this family,” said one tweep.

“If anyone else of those affected families still doesn't have a place to stay. Please contact me. I can accommodate a family of 3 at my place,” said another.

— MaGagase (@ThobekaMiso) July 14, 2021

The widespread looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng has brought many people together, offering their services with the clean-up process.

On social media, Facebook groups have been created with volunteers heading the call to action.

One such group is RebuildSA Volunteers Group which was started by Emelda Masango and accumulated over 1 100 members within a matter of hours.

“The initiative has taken flight ... we have been inundated with people who genuinely care about South Africa and want to help,” Masango said.

Among the growing number of volunteers is a construction company that has offered to help rebuild local businesses destroyed during the looting.