Board games help families connect and it builds bridges between adults and children. Image: Pexels
Board games help families connect and it builds bridges between adults and children. Image: Pexels

Fun ways to keep kids occupied indoors this winter holiday

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Jul 11, 2017

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It's the winter holiday for kids, but how will parents keep children occupied indoors during the mid-year break?Parenting expert, Nikki Bush says the answer is simple and “quite old school” – haul-out the board games, a deck of cards, puzzles and science experiments for some “indoor fun” and kids will stay busy for hours.


“Kids love a sense of togetherness with family members. Find those board games and craft kits stashed in a cupboard somewhere and get playing. It’s guaranteed to keep the kids busy and entertained this holiday,” she says.


Bush says the time spent indoors engaging through play teaches children various skills, including how to be creative and also helps kids younger than 6-years old prepare for school. She describes it as a “brilliant way” to connect as a family.


“We are all innately wired to play these games, we just don’t encourage it often enough. Play is a multi-sensory experience and is very stimulating for the whole family,” she says.


Indoor game ideas:

There’s a “large selection” of games available that can be enjoyed indoors this holiday. And Bush says it’s another “perfect” way for parents to limit time away from a laptop computer or mobile phone. She recommends the following options: 


·         Puzzles

·         Board games

·         Cards

·         Arts and crafts


The learning benefits:


According to Bush each game is beneficial in multiple ways and teaches children a range of skills, ranging from cognitive development to concentration and creativity.  


“The benefits attached to each game option are endless. It encourages an enquiring mind, which stimulates the brain,” she says. What these games teaches children:


·         Strategic thinking

·         Planning

·         Taking turns

·         Hand-and-eye coordination


Why it’s fun:


It helps families connect and Bush says it builds bridges between adults and children.


“But above all, these types of games mean uninterrupted playtime, there’s no need to rush with a board game, a deck of cards or a puzzle,” she says. What makes these games fun:


·         It evokes laughter

·         It creates an opportunity to praise and tease each other

·         Enables friendly competition

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