How to get your kids back to their normal school routine after the long holidays

Children need routine to flourish at school. Picture: Freepik/pressphoto

Children need routine to flourish at school. Picture: Freepik/pressphoto

Published Jan 13, 2024


After a long school holiday, it’s almost time to return to normal routines.

Getting your children back into a school routine can, however, be a challenge.

Establishing a consistent schedule and gradually reintroducing structure can help make the transition smoother for both you and your kids.

Here are tips on how you can get your little ones back into a routine and ready for school after a long holiday.

Start early

To avoid last-minute stress and chaos, start preparing your kids for the return to school a few days before schools actually open.

Gradually shift bedtimes and waking times closer to their regular school routine, allowing their bodies to readjust slowly.

This will help ease them into the process without sudden changes.

Reinforce regular sleep patterns

A good night's sleep is crucial for your child’s wellbeing and academic performance during the school year.

Encourage consistent bedtime routines, such as reading a book or having a quiet time before bed.

Limit screen time in the evening to ensure your child gets enough restful sleep.

Limit screen time. Picture: Freepik

Re-establish meal times

During the holidays, meal times might have become more flexible. Start reintroducing regular meal schedules closer to what they will follow during school days.

Regular meals help regulate hunger levels and provide the necessary energy for your child’s daily activities.

Create a morning routine

Get your child accustomed to an established morning routine similar to what they follow when they are at school.

Begin with setting wake-up times and encourage them to complete their morning tasks independently.

Plan and prepare

Involve your children in planning and organising their stationery, uniforms and backpacks.

Together, create a checklist to ensure nothing is missed.

Communicate expectations

Discuss with your children the routines and expectations that will be in place during the school year.

Talk about the importance of punctuality, completing homework, and participating in extracurricular activities.

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