Two thirds of women also said they thought women are moodier than men.

London - Parents can avoid many of the pitfalls of having teenage girls by helping them find their identity between the ages of ten and 14, when girls start to feel a stronger sense of individuality, according to psychologist Steve Biddulph.

If parents help their daughter find her “spark” – something that she loves to do that gives her purpose – it will help free her from the need for approval that haunts many girls and diminishes their confidence, Biddulph writes in his new book Raising Girls.

He suggests parents should ask their children “what do you really love to do?” and “how can I help you to do that?”

He lists skills or talents, such as drawing or dancing, that should be encouraged because children enjoy finding something they excel in.

Biddulph writes that as children reach this age, parents should spend more time with them because it is a key period in helping girls finding what makes them truly happy. - Daily Mail