New research which studied identical twins aged 20 to 74 suggested that men who ate the most dairy products had better short-term memory than those who consumed the least. Picture: Debbie Yazbek

London - One British child in 14 does not know that cheese is a dairy product, sparking accusations that many are still “fundamentally clueless” about basic health and nutrition.

Almost a third were unaware that fruit and vegetables provide essential vitamins and fibre, exam revision service Education Quizzes found.

One in four youngsters aged seven to 16 did not know that carbohydrates provide energy and almost a fifth struggled to identify sources of protein such as meat or fish.

Almost a third did not know that cardiovascular exercise was good for the heart and more than half were ignorant of the effects of too much alcohol on the liver.

But many were “comparatively savvy” about food hygiene, with 92 percent knowing that separate chopping boards for raw and cooked foods can stop bacteria spreading.

Colin King of Education Quizzes said it may be down to “scaremongering” by adverts for cleaning products.

“If shock tactics gets more kids to eat their greens, then we should consider it,” he said. - Daily Mail