Deciding to start a family has its ups and downs. Picture: Supplied

Starting a family is certainly a daunting yet exciting task, but it can also be filled with anxiety and uncertainty.

It is basically a dive into the unknown. It truly is the only major irreversible decision you and a partner will ever make in life. With this being said, there are many challenges and misconceptions couples face when wanting to start a family. Starting a family is not only limited to couples who are in relationships or married but in today's society it is perfectly acceptable to be a single parent by choice, even though this may have its own challenges.

Some people fear having children because of stories they hear and other misconceptions that add to their fears but the truth is even though it might not be a walk in the park it's something that can be done considering the population in the world. We've compiled a list of some of the misconceptions people have faced when wanting to start a family.

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1. The moment you have kids, your life is over.

This misconceptions stems from people who's maturity level has not reached a stage whereby they ready to have a child. Having children mean you must be prepared to put the needs of others before your own, and willing to make sacrifices that can be painful. Starting a family means you can move beyond those all-night parties especially for younger couples. Working mom of two, Siki says, "life does change but really only as much as you want it too. For us I feel it's changed in a good way rather than feeling like our life is over. We still go out as much as we used too – it's just that when they were little we took them with us and once I felt comfortable doing it we would have family over to babysit."

2. I don’t have enough money to have kids.

Having a child comes with financial burden but you don’t have to make a six figure salary to have a family. Children are expensive and you will have to learn to budget them into your expenses and don’t necessarily need to have the newest toys, game system, or phone or any other device on the market. It is important to have some sort of stability first because it can be expensive with the current cost of living. Meagan says "I had my son when I was 27. It was and is still financially difficult to raise a kid when both my husband and I are still at graduate school. But, my life cannot be any better than this."

3. You will never sleep again after you have kids.

The only thing you hear about sleep as an expecting parent is that it’s rough for the first couple of months but all babies eventually sleep through the night and that Nothing is permanent. Babies need routine ad once the routine is i place falling asleep shouldn't be a problem.

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4. You can’t travel after you have kids

Of course, you can travel with a baby, but the most important question for parents seems to be “Should I travel with a baby?” Even though small babies are more susceptible to illness, but when they’re really little you have more control over what and who they come in contact with so travelling shouldn't be an issue. You’ll need to adjust your pace and you’ll need to adjust your expectations because your life has changed and the way you travel will certainly change to. Starting travel at an early age makes it easier and easier to travel with children and it also instills an early love of travel them.

5. Your sex life is over once you have kids.

Most parents know that having less sex is part of life with a new baby, there will be a struggle with their sexual relationship at some time. Many experience this in the months after a new baby when recovery from the birth and physical exhaustion and may seem to have less time for sex. It is vital that couples should keep talking about how they’re feeling during this time when they're less tired and have more opportunity to be intimate. Being honest with one another eases resentment which will, in turn, improve their sex life.Think about sex in a different way, it doesn’t have to be penetrative sex; try touching, cuddling, holding each other. It’s never too much effort to have a cuddle.