Miss Princess Boot Camp SA is hosting regional events in Gauteng, Cape Town, Garden Route KZN and PE, in 3 age categories.
Princess Boot Camp South Africa is an empowerment programme for teen girls all over the country. Focused on promoting confidence, self-esteem and dealing with bullying and peer pressure, as well as tips and tricks to succeeding in pageants and modelling, the 2017 calendar is now open for bookings.

Princess Boot Camp South Africa has just announced the schedule for their 2017 events, which not only include the weekend long empowerment camps, but also the search for Miss Princess Boot Camp SA, a pageant with a difference. Princess Boot Camp aims to empower and inspire the female youth of South Africa by hosting them at weekend camps, which include motivation and life skills training in the morning, model and pageant coaching in the afternoon, and a pamper party which turns into a slumber party after dinner to close off the day.

Miss Princess Boot Camp SA is hosting regional events in Gauteng, Cape Town, Garden Route KZN and PE, with the goal of finding brand ambassadors in 3 age categories to be the face of the brand in 2017/18.

The focus of this pageant is to encourage the girls to support each other, to focus on their communities, and to continue to working hard at their academics. The year closes off with the national final to find the Miss Princess Boot Camp SA national winners. 

The winners will be receiving prizes that cover the glamorous side of pageants, like makeup and fashion prizes, but also bursaries, modeling contracts and 
the prospect of being scouted.

Founder, Keri Stroebel: “Pageants tend to have a negative reputation thanks to shows like Toddlers and Tiaras, and the stereotype that girls that participate in these events are only focused on the superficial side of looking a certain way. I started this project to change this. I’m working hard on convincing girls 
that they do not have to look or be anything other than what they are, and there is so much more about them that is special than just their looks”

On Friday, 3 March 2017 Princess Boot Camp SA hosts the Gauteng leg of the pageant to find the regional winners from that region. On Saturday, 4 March 2017, the weekend camp takes place. Cape Town follows shortly after with the pageant taking place on 17 March 2017, and the weekend camp taking place on 18-19 March 2017.

The project is also working on a sponsorship programs for girls who may not be able to afford the entry fee at the camps, and to assist with this they have started a crowdfunding initiative on Thundafund.com, Keri Stroebel: “The dream funding goal of R120 000 gives us the opportunity to sponsor 100 girls in 2017 AND gives us the opportunity to host an amazing gala dinner at the end of the year when we host Miss Princess Boot Camp 2017. 

The goal of this dinner is to award their hard work with bursaries, and other prizes that will help them to advance their futures. More than modeling and boosting their confidence externally, we want these girls to appreciate, use and invest in their intelligence as well”

In 2016, Keri Stroebel was a semi-finalist in Mrs South Africa, this she says, inspired her to start Princess Boot Camp. “I had never experienced that sort of support and real sisterhood and friendship before in my life. I realized that it’s what I had missed out growing up. There always seemed to be an element of 
competition between girls, and that if you weren’t a certain way, you weren’t good enough. If you didn’t play A Team netball, you weren’t admired, if you didn’t get nominated for Miss (insert high school here) –you weren’t pretty enough, or thin enough. If you didn’t have the special blazer, you weren’t smart 

Mrs South Africa offered me a platform where I mixed with women who genuinely wanted me to succeed, and I’m still good friends with many of those women today. We still support each other, we don’t play down our own successes because someone else is having success of their own.” I want that for 
all girls, it’s so empowering to know your girls have your back!”

Princess Boot Camp SA is going from strength to strength, and we are looking for ladies who want to work hard, and are determined to succeed, who want to learn to trust themselves and become the best version of who they already are.