Stormi Webster manages to resist temptation. Picture: Instagram
Stormi Webster manages to resist temptation. Picture: Instagram

WATCH: Stormi Webster wins the 'Fruit Snack Challenge' hands down

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published May 12, 2020

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Kylie Jenner’s little girl Stormi Webster, has not only debunked the thoughts that celebrity kids are spoiled brats, but that not all two-year-olds are terrible as well. 

The "Keeping Up WIth Kardashians" star joined in on the social media “Fruit Snack Challenge”, proving that Stormi is a very obedient little girl. 

The challenge involves moms placing a bowl of snacks or, in this instance, chocolates in front of their little ones and telling them not to eat any of the snacks until the mom returns. 

After the mom repeats the instructions a few times, she leaves the room, leaving the child with a bowl of tempting snacks and a cleverly positioned camera recording their every move. 

We’ve seen toddlers racing for those snacks as the mom leaves the room, while there are others who stare at the snacks longingly. 

Some go as far as picking up just one piece of the snack to sniff or perhaps lick it while on the lookout for Mom. 

Stormi, on the other hand, wins the challenge hands down. 

After Kylie places a huge bowl of chocolates in front of her baby girl, Stormi instinctively reaches out for the bowl, but mom Kylie then tells her that she can have three of the chocolate candies – but only after she went to the bathroom.

Admittedly, it is expected to see her dig her hand into that huge bowl of candy and sneak at least one into her mouth. 

To everyone's surprise, Stormi patiently sat and waited for her mom to return. 

At some point you can actually hear her sing “patience, patience, patience!” to herself.  She barely went anywhere near the candy by the time her mom got back to the room.

Her obedience and patience was rewarded with the three pieces of candy as promised.

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