Pic1: Educational material detailing the 7-step legal process of adoption.

Adoption isn’t just picking a baby advertised on social media or taking in an abandoned child — an adoption process needs to be followed.

On this years World Adoption day, the National Adoption Coalition of South Africa (NACSA) officially launched the ‘Right Way to Adopt’ campaign at Infinity Theatre, Moreleta Park, Pretoria.

The organisation developed easy to understand educational materials detailing a seven-step legal process of how adoption works.

This includes application, orientation, screening, waiting list and identifying a child suitable for adoption.

Legalisation and finalisation are the final steps to be taken by all prospective parents.

Adoption Social Worker and Nacsa representative, Rene Ferreira, says often people wanting to adopt do not have the knowledge of how to go about it.

“Admittedly the adoption process is a melting pot of red tape, emotions, paperwork and patience — but it’s all for a good reason," said NACSA Chairperson, Katinka Pieterse.

"Finding out if adoption is right for you and getting started on fulfilling your dream of adopting a child to love and provide for is a journey, and at its core is first and foremost the rights and best interest of the child."

NACSA has developed various educational materials detailing the correct, 7-step legal process of adoption as follows:

  1. Application
  2. Orientation
  3. Screening
  4. Waiting list
  5. Identifying child for adoption
  6. Legalisation
  7. Finalisation
“Adopting a child will change your life forever, and your heart and family will grow in ways you didn’t even know were possible," Pieterse added.

To learn more about the right way to adopt, go to www.adoption.org.za or email [email protected] or WhatsApp 0725213429 for any adoption queries.