Jessica Biel finds eating in the shower ‘deeply satisfying.’ All we want to know is how?

Jessica Biel finds eating in the shower ‘deeply satisfying’. Picture: REUTERS/Mike Blake

Jessica Biel finds eating in the shower ‘deeply satisfying’. Picture: REUTERS/Mike Blake

Published Jan 27, 2024


Jessica Biel finds eating in the shower "deeply satisfying".

'The Illusionist' star has opened up about her love of "shower eating" and insisted she wants to start a "movement" for anyone who is juggling too many tasks at home - with Biel even sharing her key rules to successfully scoffing snacks while washing.

In a video posted on TikTok, Biel said: "I'm just so thrilled everyone's so interested. I really want to start a movement. A shower eating movement for people who are multitasking it's just going to be such a huge relief in so many ways."

She went on to explain how to manage shower eating - insisting a ledge for food containers is "helpful" and warning her followers to keep their mouth closed while chewing.

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Biel added: "Here are my rules for shower eating. A ledge is really helpful. Something you can stick your cup, your yoghurt container, your coffee, your espresso, whatever it is you are enjoying.

"But I like to take a bite or a sip and put it on the ledge and then you do your thing. You wash your hair - keep the soap out - that’s a big deal. It's pretty simple guys, you can do this. I find it deeply satisfying."

Biel - who has two kids with her husband Justin Timberlake - went on to explain she struggles to keep her mouth closed in the shower but it's very important while eating and washing at the same time.

She added: "The only tricky thing is when you’re chewing, you got to keep your mouth closed because I still like to get under the water while I’m chewing, and for whatever reason, I want to open my mouth at the same time and spit water.

"I don't know if that's a childhood squirt gun situation, a deep rooted need to spit water in the face of someone. Maybe just because I get spit in the face with water all the time by my kids so I'm just ready at any moment to retaliate."

She concluded by saying: "There's the pro tip. Chew, do not open the mouth [and] do not let the shower water in. There you go, enjoy your shower-consuming."