Mzansi, these are your favourite local eateries for food delivery in Joburg and Cape Town

Senhor Peri Peri. Picture: Supplied

Senhor Peri Peri. Picture: Supplied

Published May 11, 2023


Food delivery services are simply amazing, as they deliver food directly to your doorstep without much effort.

Before the smartphone explosion, people would have to call a restaurant to order food. Now, thanks to advances in mobile technology and the wide development of on-demand food delivery apps, we can quickly and easily place orders via the app and have our food delivered wherever and whenever we wish.

All you have to do is pull out your smartphone and find the best apps for ordering food around your area.

Each food app has many restaurants and cafés and places to choose from. And what makes them so easy to use is that you can just order food from these joints and eat from the comfort of your own home.

Talking about food apps, Bolt Food recently hosted their second annual awards in both Johannesburg and Cape Town to recognise top-performing restaurants operating on the app.

Since its launch in 2020, the food delivery service has offered local restaurants an additional earning platform specifically designed to bridge the gap between eater and restaurant, all while leveraging its technology to create a seamless process of getting those cravings covered.

Senhor Peri Peri. Picture: Supplied

Here is the full list of winners in each category of the Bolt Food Restaurant Awards for 2023.


  • Local Champion - BP Express Smit Street
  • Hidden Gem - Senhor Peri Peri
  • Worth the Walk - My Diners Rosebank
  • Guilty Pleasure - Jollof Café Eagle’s Canyon
  • Value For Money - Triumph’s Kitchen
  • The King of Joburg - Ndoziz Buy and Braai

Cape Town:

  • Local Champion - Prashad Kloof - Vegan and Vegetarian
  • Hidden Gem - Aneesa’s Wynberg
  • The King of Cape Town - Mariam’s Kitchen Foreshore
  • Value For Money - KFC Green Point
  • Guilty Pleasure - Wild Eatery
  • Worth the Walk - Naked Chef

Owner of Senhor Peri Peri Aadila Laher said: “Bolt Food presented the perfect opportunity to further expand our restaurant's reach without the expense and risk of investing in our own delivery option. An added bonus is that the app continually innovates its offerings, making it easier for us to connect with customers.”

When asked what sets Senhor Peri Peri apart from other similar stores, Laher shared that they do not use any frozen chicken, which means that their food is always served fresh to customers.

Gilbert Chakanyuka from My Diners Rosebank said: “Winning this award exemplifies that quality, taste, and convenience are what customers appreciate and prioritise today.

"Partnering with Bolt Food has enabled us to continue making customers happy by offering them different options for how their food can get to them.

“While many of our customers prefer to have food delivered to them, a large number of customers, who are already at the mall running errands, prefer to order their food and then pick them up in our store.”