‘This is a flop!’ Tito Mboweni admits to his lamb stew failure

Tito Mboweni admits to his lamb stew dish failure. Picture: Tito Mboweni Twitter

Tito Mboweni admits to his lamb stew dish failure. Picture: Tito Mboweni Twitter

Published Mar 10, 2023


Cooking is fun. It is not only about preparing food, it is actually an art requiring several techniques and skills.

Moreover, cooking also helps reduce stress and meditate. However, things can go south. Cooking is not for everyone – and sometimes, attempts at even the most basic meals result in absolute carnage.

Cooking can become a real challenge when you are not a chef. Burnt, salty, creepy-looking dishes are just a few of the failures that can happen in the kitchen.

Talking about kitchen failures, earlier this week Tito Mboweni, also known as the “minister of cooking”, admitted to failing at a dish he recently cooked, something he never does despite being known as a “not-so-good cook” who enjoys cooking.

It has been a while since we last saw Mboweni in the kitchen. On Thursday he took tweeps on a culinary tour where he cooked lamb stew. As much as he enjoys cooking, at most times Mboweni is teased about the amount of garlic he uses in his food, and how he does not chop his vegetables finely enough – which we think is what happened with his latest creation as terrifyingly cut onions and tomatoes can be seen halfway through his cooking process.

“This is a flop. Did not work out. Pity!” he said.

Mboweni continued with his lamb stew dish in spite of it not coming through the way he planned.

“You need time to cook good food and you will enjoy it. Lamb stew, low heat, and slow cooking. Don’t rush cooking good food. Take your time and enjoy cooking. Therapeutic!” he said.

Twitter users were quick to comment that Mboweni needed to learn how to chop vegetables finely or stop cooking.

One user wrote: “Minister to be honest this doesn’t look appetising and I don’t think this is how you cook stew.”

A second user wrote: “Comrade the amount of tomato and garlic u have eaten in your life is just too much.”

A third commented: “I don't see lamb here, I only see tomatoes, onions, carrots, and water that have changed colour.”

“This started really well, all you needed to do was finely chopped tomatoes and onions,” commented another.