‘Too oily, those ones’: Tweeps jokingly drag Hungry Lion for their chicken wings

Tweeps jokingly slander Hungry Lion for their chicken wings. Picture: Pexels

Tweeps jokingly slander Hungry Lion for their chicken wings. Picture: Pexels

Published Feb 23, 2023


Fast food restaurant Hungry Lion has found themselves catching strays on Twitter after hunting for a young man who ate a big size pizza in a matter of minutes.

It all started when Twitter user @Ke_Arturo posted a video of a young man who goes by the name Davey Machaka aka @disnormal_boyy on TikTok.

In the clip, Machaka is seen hurriedly swallowing a big size pizza that he folded like a wrap outside a Debonairs store.

Machaka is a mathematician, content creator, and foodie who is very popular on the video-sharing app for his food-eating challenges.

Captioned: “I need this guy's Appetite (skeleton face emojis)”, the video quickly went viral garnering a lot of replies, retweets, quote tweets, and likes.

One user wrote: “He gets muscular just by eating.”

“Yet he has a nice body (laughing face emojis). Life ain't fair", commented another user.

The fast food restaurant also replied to the video with a quote tweet asking tweeps to tag the man as they want him to try their fifty wings.

“Can someone please tag this guy, we want him to try our 50 WINGS”, they wrote.

Even though the comment by the restaurant came from a good heart, tweeps disapproved of it.

“Too oily those ones”, wrote one user.

“Hungry lion is hungry for content”, wrote a second user.

A third commented: “And the person who tweeted the video ain't getting nothing?”, while a fourth also jokingly commented with a laughing face emoji saying, “Ain’t nobody buying wings from Hungry Lion”.