Give kids a fresh start to the school day​​
Give kids a fresh start to the school day​​ PICTURE: Flickr

#BackToSchool: Give kids a fresh start to the school day​​

By Nathan Adams Time of article published Jan 14, 2018

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When the kids return to school, it doesn’t mean the family have to resume all their old routines and habits.

Working parents will know it’s tough to get school-going children  to sit down every morning and have a meal. The allure of sugary cereals and their cartoon character mascots doesn’t support parents in a healthy breakfast mission, either.

But, it’s a new school year and there is no better time to start a healthier morning routine than right now.

In fact, that is one of the first tips a friend was given when she decided to put in a bit more effort with her Grade 3 daughter before shuffling her off to school.
If you start a new routine you must have the stamina to maintain it, which means weekends are no exceptions. 

Y ou can’t allow the kids to eat sugar-laden treats on a Saturday and Sunday morning and then expect their attitudes to change on weekday mornings.
Of course, trying to prepare breakfast the night before is an obvious piece of advice, but it’s also not practical. 

Few working parents will be able to keep up a routine of filling yoghurt cups at 9pm after a tiring day at work. So keep things simple and as fresh and nutritious as possible.

Fruit is your friend in this regard and there are many ways to keep   the new breakfast menus exciting  and tasty.

This recipe from Checkers help serve some of that inspiration which will hopefully energise both parents and school kids to make the new breakfast menu a year-long success.

Breakfast Cups ( Serves 6).


6 slices white or wholewheat bread
1 tbs sunflower oil
250 g streaky bacon
6 large eggs
Salt and pepper


Heat the oven to 180 C. 
Grease a muffin pan and set aside. 
Grill the bacon until crispy and set aside.
Cut the crusts off the sliced bread and flatten each slice using a rolling pin.
Mould the flattened bread into the greased muffin pan and lightly brush with sunflower oil.
Place in the oven for 10 minutes, or until slightly crispy and golden brown.
Add two pieces of bacon to each crispy bread cup and crack an egg over the bacon. 
Season with salt and pepper.
Place in the oven for 8–10 minutes for a soft egg, or 10–15 minutes if you prefer your eggs well done.
Allow to cool slightly before removing. 
Serve warm. 

Note:  For a vegetarian option, substitute bacon with cooked mushrooms, spinach or tomatoes.

Recipe provided by Checkers. Click here to see more

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