Drinking lots of green tea could help digestion due to its high levels of antioxidants. PICTURE: Supplied

When it comes to hot drinks, most of us know that green tea is a healthier alternative to breakfast tea with two sugars, or a cup of coffee. But there are other health benefits you gain from drinking this fragrant brew.

From weight loss to ridding you of wrinkles, these are the seven benefits you could see if you drink green tea regularly.


De-stress tool

Drinking green tea can help to you to relax and rid you of any anxieties, it's said. The theanines in green tea can reduce the symptoms of anxiety, some studies have suggested.

Cancer fighter

Green tea is packed full of antioxidants, and some early studies suggest that it could even help prevent people from getting cancer, though there's not enough evidence yet for this to be conclusive.

People with cancer often opt to drink green tea because they believe it might boost their immune system, improve their health, and get rid of toxins in the body, according to Cancer Research.

Reduces cholesterol

Drinking several cups of green tea a day is said to significantly reduce levels of 'unhealthy' cholesterol. A review of 11 studies involving 821 people found daily consumption of green and black tea as a drink or a capsule could help lower cholesterol and blood pressure thanks to tea and its catechins, according to the NHS. 

These trials were only short-term but it points to cholesterol-reducing benefits.

Healthy teeth and gums

Drinking green tea could even help boost your oral hygiene as it has plenty of anti-inflammatory benefits which could prevent gum disease. A study that examined the dental health of 940 men found that those who regularly drank green tea had better oral health than those who didn't.


Helps digestion

Drinking lots of green tea could help digestion due to its high levels of antioxidants, it's thought. And a study by the Cincinnati College of Medicine found that drinking green tea could help with the symptoms of colitis and Crohn's Disease.


It's the antioxidants again in green tea that could help rid you of wrinkles, it's thought. Antioxidants help to stop free radicals from breaking down collagen in our skin, which is the protein that keeps us looking young.