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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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TikTok food trends that are worth the hype right now

Three ingredients cheesecake. Picture: Kevin Dok

Three ingredients cheesecake. Picture: Kevin Dok

Published Jun 24, 2022


Food TikTok has developed a life of its own, allowing a larger audience to experience cuisine from around the world.

Younger users on the platform are learning how to cook from these bite-sized video recipes, while a wider audience is looking to it for menu inspiration. Content creators are also keen to recreate trending recipes and share their clips.

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We asked two food content creators Larnelle Lewies and David Mahlangu on trends that are worth the hype on the video-sharing app that you have to try at least once, and this is what they had to say.

Animal style fries. Picture: Supplied

Larnelle Lewies’ top trends


This has been trending ever since I started TikTok and it keeps reoccurring ever so often. This is an Asian snack using fruit, coated in sugar – candied fruit. It’s a fun and kind of healthier alternative to candy, sweets, and chocolates.

This is also a fun activity to do with kids, assisting them with placing the fruit on skewers and having them bite into the crunchiness.

Animal style fries

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This is basically loaded fries, whereby fries are the basis of the dish, with various toppings – generally caramelised onions, sauces, melted cheese, and meats such as bacon or chicken pieces.

This has also been a popular trend. Not as healthy but comfort junk food – that any foodie will devour.

Tajin (spicy, lemony seasoning) and chamoy (savoury, sweet-sour sauce)

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These two products have had TikTok on fire with their taste and versatility of it. You can virtually add them to anything – sweets, fruit, or corn.

David Mahlangu’s top trends

  • People love the three ingredients of cheesecake done with a microwave.
  • They are also hyped by the Jägermeister wings I came up with. It’s the Jager that intrigues them.
  • They also love air fryer stuff such as wings, meat, and stuffed potatoes.
  • Soy sauce has taken the food industry by storm, too, especially from young content creators.