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Monday, May 23, 2022

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Traditional Eid dishes from around the world

Eid and the essence of Biryani go hand in hand. Picture: Pexels/Murtada Mustafa

Eid and the essence of Biryani go hand in hand. Picture: Pexels/Murtada Mustafa

Published May 1, 2022


Eid al-Fitr is here, and Muslims around the world are already preparing for the celebration.

The holy festival is one of the two official holidays celebrated in the religion of Islam, and it lasts for three days.

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This year, Eid al-Fitr will start on May 2 and last until May 3, depending on which part of the world you are in. The festival marks the end of the Islamic month, Ramadan, where Muslims dry fast during sunlight hours for thirty days.

Eid is a joyous day filled with happiness and focuses on giving and sharing love, kindness, and food. The food differs from country to country and is influenced by the culture of that area.

Here’s a list of five delicious and mouthwatering traditional Eid food from around the world that you can look at.


This crunchy dessert is loved across the Middle East, you literally won’t find anyone who is Arab that hates Baklava. It is made of layers of filo pastry laced with butter and chopped pistachios mixed with other nuts and finally soaked in sugar syrup.


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After morning Eid prayers, Bangladeshi families prepare what is known as haleem, a special stew common in the subcontinent.

An Arabic dish, this was first introduced by the Chaush community who sailed from Yemen to Hyderabad to serve in the military for the Nizam. The meal comprises chunks of meat, lentils, and pounded wheat, slow-cooked with aromatic spices.

Another Eid tradition is the sweet pudding semai (sheer khorma), translated from Urdu or Farsi, to mean milk with dates. Sheer khorma was brought to India during the Mughal dynasty and has been enjoyed by Dhakni Muslims since.

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The consistency of the pudding is creamy and made with vermicelli, whole milk, and sugar. Fish dishes are also customary for the Bangladeshi table. However, depending on the season, this can vary.

Beef rendang

This is an Eid classic recipe from the country of Malaysia. It is a spicy coconut curry made of beef which consists of coconut milk, spices, and chilies. It originated from Indonesia and is popular in many countries such as Brunei, parts of Philippines, and Malaysia.

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Eid and the essence of Biryani go hand in hand. It is impossible to not mention South Asia’s biryani in the traditional Eid delicacies list.

Briyani is a rice dish with a mouthwatering flavour of strong herbs and spices chipped with meat. The aromatic flavours of Biryani have now reached every nook and corner of the world.

You can witness dozens of variations in biryani and the style of serving the dish across different places.