6 tips to reduce sugar intake this Easter

Restrict chocolate eggs. Picture: Pexels/Polina Tankilevitch

Restrict chocolate eggs. Picture: Pexels/Polina Tankilevitch

Published Apr 7, 2022


During Easter, many of us commemorate by consuming lots of sugar.

While those of us who celebrate Easter fill up on those cute little chocolate and marshmallow bunnies, we should be thinking about how we are going to eat better and decrease our sugar intake.

So, what are the suggestions to kill that sweet tooth or at least try to tame it? Below we share a few.

Make sure you are hydrated

Whenever you have a sugar craving, drink a glass of water instead because your body may just be thirsty. Drinking plenty of water will help keep the cravings at bay.

Restrict chocolate eggs

Restrict kids from chocolate eggs and sugary treats to mealtimes rather than snacking on them between meals, to reduce the time teeth are exposed to acid attacks.

Ditch sweetened drinks

Liquids go down easily, without even realising the number of calories or teaspoons of sugar you may be drinking. Consider fruit-infused waters, herbal teas, or stick with 100% fruit juice diluted with water.

Cut the sugar by half in recipes

For any sweet recipe, if you do not feel ready to cut sugar completely, cut it by at least half. I can almost guarantee you will not notice any lack of sugar.

Buy good quality chocolate

If you really, really must have some chocolate, and you can’t get hold of a sugar-free brand, then buy good quality chocolate. It is far easier to eat one square of chocolate made from 70% cocoa solids than it is to eat one bite of cheap chocolate, which has far more sugar in it and will have you craving more.

Target your greatest offenders

Is it time for your morning coffee? Consider using whole milk with a touch of cinnamon instead of stirring in sugar. How about your favourite morning yoghurt? Opt for a plain Greek yoghurt and add in fresh fruit for a quick drop in added sugars.

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