FITNESS FANATICS: Sbahle Mpisane also known as 'Fitness bunny.'
It’s a new year and many colloquially refer to January as the “national diet” month.

While some have been battling to get themselves into an exercise routine, others have started their intensive exercise programmes to shed the extra kilos gained during the festive season.

Thanks to social media, if you don’t know where start, here is a list of fitness gurus you can follow for your daily dose of fitness inspiration.

Pearl Garavaglia

With more than 264 000 followers on Instagram, the young fitness lover shares food recipes on how to prepare food and which ingredients to use.

She also shares exercise videos that you can do anywhere, including the gym, at home and while you are travelling or doing outdoor adventures.

The central theme on her post is healthy eating and hard work.

We see how her hard work is paying off.

Instagram: ms_pearl__

Tracey-Lee Lusty

Like many who want to lose weight, Lusty has struggled with weight loss until she found a trainer. In her blog, Fitnessgirl, the fitness guru shares how she battled with her weight for most her life.

She has been on and off different diets for as long as she can remember.

“You name it, I’ve tried it. From fat free, to high fat, Bioslim weight loss, Banting and Weighless, I have done it all.”

Now she has managed to drop about 30kg and has teamed up with many brands and celebrities with the hope to inspire others.

Instagram: fitnessgirl_za

PopUp Gym

Letshego Zulu and Khethi-we Mlangeni The founders of PopUp Gym are true definition fitness fanatics. Together they run their health and fitness movement which promotes healthy and active lifestyle.

They display fitness in a fun way that can be done in various ways. Their main aim is to show their followers that they can turn any space and place available for exercise. This can be your office, a parking lot, your living room, a hotel room, the garden or even the beach.

Instagram: popupgym

Sbahle Mpisane

Mpisane, commonly known as the “Fitness Bunny”, has earned herself a number of followers by sharing her exercise routine and meal preparations.

She is admired by many for her toned and curvaceous body. The Fitness Bunny is slowly curving her way in the fitness industry with her boot camps, fitness programmes and health campaigns.

She suggests that people should prioritise the gym the way you would any important meeting.

Instagram: sbahle_mpisane

Mark Sisson

Sisson is a former runner and triathlete. He is passionate about his healthy lifestyle and fitness. He is widely known for his posts and the daily tweaks one can add to a routine to a healthier life and paleo health.

If you need recipes, lifestyle advice, and content on a variety of men’s health and other health topics Sisson is probably your-go-to person.

If you need a little motivation to start your weight loss you might love the “success stories” section of his blog where you can read about people who changed their lives with a few lifestyle changes to manage chronic diseases and weight loss.

Instagram: marksissonprimal