Robots that can play soccer in a hall on the fair grounds in Leipzig, Germany, 29 June 2016. EPA/SEBASTIAN WILLNOW

Robots could soon be caring for dementia patients to help with feeding, washing and mobility, predicts a report today.
Some care homes are using robot animals to help residents feel at ease and the technology could advance even further.
Gadgets and apps have already been introduced into dementia care. GPS trackers can stop patients getting lost and monitors in the home can detect falls and tell carers if the phone or TV is being used.
Some patients wear smartwatches, which collect data on their sleep, eating, blood pressure and sugar levels. Meanwhile virtual reality and specialised apps or computer games are being used to help calm patients in care homes.
Electronic calendars and speaking reminders can also help them tell the time or remind them to do simple tasks like washing hands. But Professor Clive Ballard, co-author of the Lancet Commission report, said: ‘Advances in technology won't work unless you also have that human element.'
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