DNA test reveals CEO is half-sibling with employee, resulting in unlawful firing and wild corporate antics

Taking to Reddit to share her jaw-dropping story. Picture by Campaign Creators /Unsplash

Taking to Reddit to share her jaw-dropping story. Picture by Campaign Creators /Unsplash

Published May 30, 2023


In the cut-throat world of corporate America, it seems like anything can get you fired. From showing up five minutes late to accidentally making a cake for the wrong occasion, there's no shortage of ridiculous reasons for which people have been given the boot.

But for one woman, it was discovering that her boss was actually her half-sibling that ended up costing her her job.

Yes, you heard that right! It might sound ridiculous, but for those who have been on the receiving end of these firings, it can be devastating.

In some bizarre news making headlines across the Internet, a career-driven woman has revealed that she was fired from her job after discovering that her boss was actually her father’s secret love child – thanks to a DNA test bought as a family present.

Taking to Reddit to share her jaw-dropping story, the former employee explains how the innocent act of a family DNA test revealed the shocking truth about her boss and their unexpected familial connection.

According to Times Now, the revelation came as a complete surprise to the woman and her family, since her father had never mentioned that he had fathered another child on the other side of the country.

Despite the shocking news, the woman maintains a sense of humour, revealing that “Dad's not the kind of guy to gift everyone DNA test kits as a way of telling us that he has a secret love child, so I don’t think he knew he had another kid.”

The woman also suggests that the revelation was a surprise to everyone, saying “we’re all grown up, we know where babies come from and that things aren’t always what we expect, so I have a feeling this is a shock to everyone.”

While it may not be the typical reason for getting fired, it seems that the woman's newly discovered connection to her boss became a conflict of interest in the workplace, ultimately leading to her dismissal.

Though the story itself is both quirky and fascinating, it’s a sobering reminder that life is often full of surprises – even when we least expect them.

While most people might have taken this as an interesting family revelation, things took a turn when an email went out from HR requiring all staff to undergo training on nepotism. It made the woman suspect that this was specifically aimed at her, noting that her work started getting deleted from the company drive soon after.

Ultimately, she was fired on the spot, but things didn't end there. After her manager stepped in to explain the situation, the VP suspended both the manager and CEO pending an investigation.

While the woman's dismissal was certainly unlawful, at least she ended up with a nice severance package – not to mention an apology and a job offer to return to the company.

As it turns out, this woman's story has a happy ending since she opted for some downtime rather than returning to her former employer.

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