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Friday, May 20, 2022

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Unathi Nkayi on seeing a therapist and how it gave her courage

Unathi Nkayi. Picture: Instagram

Unathi Nkayi. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 30, 2021


Celebrities develop mental illnesses and crack under the pressures of life just like the rest of us — which means sometimes they need a little help from therapy or professional help.

The latest star to speak openly about seeing a therapist is Idol’s judge and radio presenter, Unathi Nkayi.

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She posted an image of herself going to her therapy session. She said, “I’ve been debating how much I should share with you, but I know someone might need to hear this, so here goes.”

Then, she shared with her fans her journey with therapy and how it started. “January 2017 – January 2018 I went to therapy every week.

“From January 2018 till now, I’ve been going and continue to go every two weeks.

“My therapist has now become my life coach.

“She counsels me through all aspects of my life. Love, work, family, money, spirituality and everything in between.

“It’s what I need to clear my mind and energy. It heals me, preps me up, gives me a profound amount of confidence but only because I was ready to really look at myself and accept me for all that I am good and bad.”

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Nkayi also reflected on the dark times when she did not even feel like putting in effort when attending her sessions.

“There were times I would rock up in my onesie with slippers, on and I’d throw a tracksuit over to seem as if I made an effort, which I clearly couldn’t at my lowest of lows.

“There were times I would rock up stinking of alcohol from the night before. I am sure I have sat on my therapist's sofa, still drunk from the night before.

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“But through it all, I knew I would love the woman I was working on becoming because I knew she deserved to be happy. Which I deeply am today.”

There are many benefits of attending therapy, such as an environment that encourages open and honest dialogue about issues that cause you distress.

Through your relationship with your therapist, you’ll work to identify and understand how these stressors are impacting your life, plus develop strategies to manage the symptoms.

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This is what Nkayi’s sessions did for her. “Therapy gave me the courage to do so much for me. Climb Kili. Sue Media 24 for calling me a whore and winning.

“Step away from my first love radio for three whole years because I knew I wouldn’t be of service.

“I could go on and on and on about the benefits of therapy. I also know that it’s easier for me to say because my father is a clinical psychologist, but I just want you to know that you deserve to be happy. But you have to work on your happiness,” she said.

Working with a psychologist, therapist, or counsellor in a therapeutic relationship gives you an opportunity to explore your thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behaviour.

It can also help you learn new coping skills and techniques to better manage daily stressors and symptoms associated with your diagnosis.

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