Have you ever wondered why children become bullies? Experts say child bullies are children with problems and often children who bully are being bullied or hurt themselves, feel powerless and have poor self-esteem.

Bullying is often a way of trying to feel in control. Bullying can become a pattern of behaviour that lasts a lifetime.

If you want to help a child that has been bullied.  There a few things that you can do  for your child that can help with self-esteem:

1. Make it clear that you are there to talk about any problem.
2. If your child talks about bullying take it seriously and never encourage your child to hit back.
3. Talk to your child about what s/he would like to do about the situation – sometimes children need support to apply their own effective solutions.
4. Help your child recognize his/her strengths by praising and affirmation when appropriate.