Statement pieces are a must. So why not incorporate it into lighting? Picture: Simple Studio,

From night lights to lamps, lighting brands are stepping up their game when it comes to kids' decor, writes Marchelle Abrahams.

Kiddie bedroom decor has become a thing now. No longer relegated to an afterthought, parents are putting in the time and effort to make their children’s bedrooms look like they’re straight out of a decor magazine.

A key component to this is lighting. Get it right, and you can change the effect of the room to suit any mood.

For some design inspiration, we went in search of the latest trends and what to expect in 2018.

Whoopsie Table Lamp:

Retro Revival

The 80s trend is experiencing a revival of sorts, thanks to the popularity of Netflix series Stranger Things. A retro statement piece adds a fun aspect to your child’s room.

Unicorns and cars

Sorry mom and dad, it looks like the unicorn trend will be around for a few more years. In the meantime, incorporate it into your little one’s room with subtle effect.

Zoo Ceiling Pendant: R1 199,

What's trending this season

“Aside from the theme being inspired by cutesy night lights which are vital for soft lighting in the early hours for changing and feeding, we suggest your nursery is not only a reflection of a calming space, but also one for adults as much as children," advises Kate Shepherd, founding owner and creative director at Something Different and Something Desired.

Cone Basket pendant: R1 395,

"To be fair, the kiddiewinks probably won’t remember their nursery, but you have to spend a lot of your time in there, so, let it be a place of peace for you and your visual enjoyment. With this in mind we love the idea of a chic and cute nursery as well as toddler’s room where your hanging lights can be beautiful as well as practical. 

Star LED Night Light: R1 150,

"This season we love basket lights - its soft and natural, earthy and often quite eco. They allow a gentle dispersed filament light but are also mature enough to give the room some fun style. These lights could add an African element, a boho-style, a natural feel or just a softness depending on the rest of your space,” she concludes.

Unicorn String Lights: R79.99,

Rubik’s Cube Night Light: R895,

Car Study Lamp: R179.99,

Barefoot Desk Lamp: R875,

Alexa Wire Frame: R626,