TikToker marries her stepdad, says it was the best decision she ever made

She married her step dad. Picture: TikTok

She married her step dad. Picture: TikTok

Published Mar 6, 2023


He was her stepdaddy and now he’s her hubby.

Confused? Disturbed? Disgusted?

That’s is how many TikTokers viewers felt after watching a video of a newly wedded couple embraced in a passionate kiss.

While it might look like the usual first kiss scene from a wedding, the disturbing part (for many) was that the video is of a stepfather and his stepdaughter who just got married.

How do we know this?

Well, that’s what TikTok user Christy wrote in the short video clip. “Marrying my step dad was the best decision I ever made”

The video has raked up a gobsmacking 19 million views and is captioned with cringeworthy hashtags “#MarryYourMomsEx #itsworthit #marriage #agegap”

@christywho_ #vegas #marryyourmomsex #itsworthit #marriage #agegap ♬ It’s Called: Freefall (Sped Up) - Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Viewers were stunned by the video and couldn’t hold their back their opinions.

“There’s 7 billion people in the world. Why?” commented one viewer while another said, “Am I the only [one] wondering how your mom is doing?”

“I reread this 18 11 times thinking it was the dyslexia,” said another confused user.

“Did u invite ur mom to the wedding?” another asked.

In a follow-up video Christy went on to clarify some of the issues people had with her marriage.

“Was I groomed?” was the first question. To which she answered “No”

“Did my step dad raise me?” She said “No”.

“Was I a minor when I met him? She responded “No”.

“Do me and my mom still talk?” “Yes” was her response.

And the final question she responded “No” to was, “Did he have kids with my mom?”

@christywho_ This filter is insane 🥴![CDATA[]]>😳![CDATA[]]>🤡 plz leave my kids and unalived brother out of this. #agegap ♬ Love - kouz1