Why must the internet always choose violence? X user digs up lovey-dovey photo of Minnie Dlamini and Nota

Minnie Dlamini. Picture: Instagram

Minnie Dlamini. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 16, 2023


Local TV personality Minnie Dlamini is probably regretting the moment her ex’s name escaped her lips during the live airing of this week’s celebrity lifestyle show ‘Curated by Tanqueray.’

The seemingly innocent question about whether he ex-boyfriend and Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune was still playing soccer saw her trending on social media over two days.

Khune’s fans showed Dlamini no mercy, even bringing up her dating history and her recent divorce from Quinton Jones.

But what many weren’t aware of is that the TV presenter reportedly dated music producer Nota Baloyi way back in the day.

Popular catfish X user Chris Excel uncovered a hornet’s nest when they reshared a series of photos showing Dlamini and Baloyi looking very loved up in their younger days.

Adding further salt to the wound, Chris Excel captioned the post, “Minnie Dlamini needs to swallow her pride and go back to her ex boyfriend my Goat NOTA.”

Although Dlamini never confirmed the relationship, Baloyi was more than happy to send some shade over to his ex’s side.

Sharing the exact same pics in October last year, he wrote on X: “I know there are plenty fish in the sea but my wife is a real 1 of 1…

“When it comes to ‘IT Girls,’ I’ve been there, done that, now I’m settled down & happily married to a true Empress, who I handed the eternal keys to my empire, we’re just taking a gap year so she finds herself!”

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