Tips to help you take the stress out of homework. Picture: Pexels

It’s hard to believe the first week of school is nearly over and very soon play time will be cut short for homework.  

After a long holiday it may take some time getting back into the swing of things, especially for children.

Parenting expert Nikki Bush says it is important that children know their rules and boundaries in order to develop a disciplined approach to homework.

Bush says sometimes these rules must be tailored according to the child's age and circumstances on the day too.

She shares her tips'to help take the stress out of homework.

  • Some children need a rest between school/extra-murals and getting their noses back to the grindstone, while others are able to focus immediately and get the job done. In the former case, flopping down in front of the TV for half an hour before homework is common, however I am finding that watching television doesn’t recharge their batteries,  it drains them further. The solution is to play a 10 minute game. Whether it is a card game or kicking a ball, there is nothing like play to raise energy and happiness levels.
  • If your child is particularly tired and you are battling to get through all the homework or assignments; use some creativity and move away from pen and paper if the work doesn’t have to be handed in. One good way of tackling time tables and spelling is in the bath with shaving cream on the tiles, it makes it fun and interactive.
  • A whiteboard marker on old ceramic sealed tiles works wonders for the same activities and even for making mind maps.  And how about writing letters, words and numbers with one’s finger on the kitchen counter in some sprinkled flour?  

Bush adds: "These little creative tricks can make homework more tolerable on a challenging day and you might also look like a hero instead of an ugly parent."