It’s back to school in two days and that means back to busy mornings of sorting lunches and packing school bags.  
In many homes there is more than one school bag that needs to be packed and checked from pens, pencils, books and rulers. 
A simple and cost effective organisational hack is said to be the ultimate time and space saver.
School bag storage ideas is all the rave on Facebook and Pinterest. 
The school bag station is a space where children can place their bags and other essential school items which they may need the next day, reports the Daily Mail.

School bag rack, a guaranteed time saver Picture: Pinterest

An Australian-based mother-of five says the schoolbag station has helped her keep all five her children’s bags and other items in one place, saving her lots of time on busy mornings. 
Jessica- Louise Groves, 29, has five children under the age of nine. 
Speaking to Daily Mail, she says: “having five kids I find it extremely important to stay organised.”
“Having this school bag station means both the kids and myself know where all the kids' school bits are and it keeps things tidy and organised, rather than finding a school bag here and a shoe over there and ‘where's my hat’  five seconds before we walk out the door.”

A simple hack to save you time on busy mornings. Picture: Pinterest
Having everything in one place means you or the children can conveniently grab their things on their way out. 
Groves’ children are Ruby, 8, Harlan, 7, Nate, 5, Theo, 3, and Luna, 2.
While her two youngest Theo and Luna are sharing a cubby hole but will graduate to their own section soon.
This hack is simple enough for others to follow and helps make the oncoming school year less terrifying.