This spring, manage clogged sinus cavities with a deep-cleanse facial, an ancient technique with many other skin benefits. Picture: Supplied

With spring upon us and everyone gearing up for summer, the change in season brings with it some unpleasantness too – the start of the allergy season and often congested sinuses. This spring, manage clogged sinus cavities with a deep-cleanse facial – an ancient technique with many other skin benefits.

According to Victoria Sutcliffe, Spa Manager at the Heavenly Spa on the 19th floor of the Westin Cape Town, a deep-cleanse facial helps sinusitis by reducing congestion and increasing circulation within the sinuses, the treatment also aids the lymph nodes by removing sinusoidal debris. 

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“With the change in season, allergy sufferers have a hard time dealing with clogged sinuses. A deep-cleanse facial is a great way of unblocking the sinus cavity and there’s a bonus – it’s soothing too,” she says. 

Therapist’s step-by-step process: 

Consultation – one-on-one focusing on existing skincare regimen 
Cleansing – rinse face with cotton pads or sponges 
Skin analysis and cleansing – examine skin type and condition under brightly lit lamp 
Steam – direct steam to the face using a special machine to soften black/whiteheads 
Exfoliation – rub away dead skin cells using gritty textured exfoliator 
Extraction – remove black and whiteheads 
Massage – use classic strokes to relax and stimulate facial muscles 
Mask – apply a special mask targeted to the individual’s skin type 
Final application – apply toner, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen to the face 
Advice on home skin care – recommends products to maintain healthy skin 

“These steps are the fundamentals of a facial and equally important to ensure the process is completed successfully and that the skin feels restored and rejuvenated,” she says. 

The benefits: 

Deep cleansing 
Removes dead skin cells 
Firms skin and softens fine lines 

“What is truly amazing about this treatment is that it also protects the skin from environmental irritants and also helps to combat dull and uneven skin,” Sutclliffe says. 

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Targeted spots: 

During the facial treatment,  therapists will target various spots, each of which will yield a different result: 

Forehead and nose – reduces the appearance of horizontal lines 
Nostrils and tip of nose – helps to unclog pores and prevent blemishes 
Mouth and cheeks – prevents wrinkles and sagging 
Eyes – reduces the appearance of wrinkles and bags under the eyes 
Chin and neck – promotes overall muscle tone 

Facials help sinusitis:  

Sinus massage 
Lymphatic drainage massage 

“The sinus massage alleviates congestion in the sinus cavity while the  lymphatic drainage massage stimulates movement of the lymphatic fluid, and in-turn helps the body to thin-out mucus. For those suffering with sinusitis this allergy season, one of these facial options will be an excellent choice,” Sutcliffe says.