Online troll comes for Rachel Kolisi and her choice of using Botox, but she has the perfect clap back: ‘Be kind or be quiet’

Rachel Kolisi. Picture: Instagram

Rachel Kolisi. Picture: Instagram

Published Jul 19, 2023


When it comes to her problem skin, Rachel Kolisi has been very transparent.

The mom of two has made no bones about her struggles with outbreaks and scar tissue.

Always eager to share her plug, Kolisi told Instagram followers that she had been on a five-month treatment plan with Skin Renewal SA.

Taking to her socials, the wife of Springbok captain Siya Kolisi said, “I’m sorry it’s taken so long to share this with you, wanted to make sure it was informative and captured all the treatments I’ve done so far!”

In the video, she explained she had Carboxy injections done, which is used for hair loss, reduction in stretch marks and cellulite.

“I’ve been working with @skinrenewalsa for five months and it’s been a real pleasure! I love that fact that they offer so many treatments that it really is a one-stop-shop.

“Their team is super knowledgeable, and super kind!” she added.

Besides having laser hair removal and facial skin peels, the Kolisi Foundation co-founder was happy with the progress.

But it appeared some social media users took issue with Kolisi’s Botox injectables.

Someone jumped into her comments section and asked, “I’m not sure why you are resorting to all this ‘stuff’ being injected into you at your young age!

“What will happen in 20 years time? I thought you were more into being natural.”

It didn’t take long for others to chime in and come to Kolisi’s defence. Even Sue Duminy had her bit to say: “I resort to all this ‘stuff’ too.. it’s called looking after yourself..

“I suppose the best part is you have a choice if you want to do it or not! We choose to do it.. so let us be… also if you have nothing nice to say.. then rather don’t say anything.. unfollow/unfriend..

Just because you are on social media doesn’t mean your manners have to go out the window as well..”

The barrage of responses afterwards prompted Kolisi to interject and make herself clear in her IG stories.

According to The South African, she wrote: “I wanted to address some of the comments and messages I’ve been receiving.

“I feel like a lot of the things that have been said is just unnecessary. People have not read the post, and are just going ahead and making assumptions.

“If you have an issue with it, just skip through or unfollow and move along, because some people are interested, and that’s totally okay.

“Bottom line. Be kind or be quiet”.