Drip Footwear founder Lekau Sehoana caught in relationship drama with estranged wife

Lekau Sehoana, founder of Drip footwear. Picture: Instagram

Lekau Sehoana, founder of Drip footwear. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 12, 2023


Founder and owner of Drip Footwear, Lekau Sehoana, is currently going through a messy separation from his estranged wife Lebogang Machaba.

According to Zimoja, the couple are at each other’s throats over assets, and Drip is part of the mess.

It is reported that Machaba wants a share of the business since she allegedly contributed to its success. Meanwhile, Sehoana disagrees and wants to give her nothing except for the divorce papers.

“We are married out of community of property. This person ill-treated me at my lowest. As soon as I started making money, things changed. We stayed, but the marriage didn't work out and I moved out. She is a divorce fugitive. The Sheriffs tried sending her summons eight times, but she changed numbers 100 times," Sehoana told Zimoja.

The businessman from Tembisa also added that he’s taking care of Machaba and paying her bills.

“I send her R50 000 every month. She stays under my roof in Waterfall Estates, she’s under my medical aid. I bought her a BMW X6M Sports for R2 million,” he said.

While it is alleged that Sehoana is in hiding, to be away from all the drama with his wife, speculations have started circulating on Twitter. Tweeps are beginning to question his business model, with some suggesting that his business was not self-funded as previously claimed.

The speculations started when City Press published an article about a local footwear owner who fled the country after his estranged wife hired a hitman to kill him.

Tweeps put two and two together because the businessman who owns a footwear brand and currently has drama with his wife is Sehoana.

Tweeps also think that someone else besides his wife could want him down. This is because his business partner, Glenda Ndlanzi, who was the MD of the brand, was shot and killed outside of her home last year.

Surprisingly, nothing was taken from Ndlanzi during the attack, so whoever shot her had one motive, to end her life.

So, is the person who shot Ndlanzi also after Sehoana? We hope not and that he remains safe in his hiding.

Below are some reactions from tweeps.