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Monday, May 23, 2022

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5 wet-hair mistakes that might be damaging your locks

Published May 8, 2022


We all take so much pain to take care of our tresses, from using organic, sulphate-free shampoos, to getting hair spas every fortnight to doing DIY hair masks to get shiny, flowing hair. But there is one big mistake that we always overlook.

Most of the time we come out after washing our hair and start combing to de-tangle it. If this is you then you are causing serious damage to your hair. Hair follicles are the weakest when they are wet, and combing them at this point will not only break them but lead to dry and dull hair.

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Here is some advice from hair expert Dr Blossom Kochhar on how to remedy the wet hair mistakes we make.

Combing wet hair

Rather brush your hair before you hit the shower. If your hair feels tangled after washing, apply a serum or light hair oil and then gently comb with a wide-tooth comb. This will make detangling easy. Also, don't wait for your hair to dry completely before combing it; this can make your hair dry and lustreless. Always start from the ends, and work your way up. Hold the section of the hair you are brushing/combing in your hand. Also, remember to use a leave-in conditioner.

Vigorously towel drying

Your hair follicles are the weakest when they are wet, they tend to break even at the gentlest stroke, imagine how much damage we cause when we vigorously dry them using a towel. Rather dab your hair with a towel and try to squeeze out excess water. Do not wrap your wet hair in a towel as this can cause dandruff.

Tying up wet hair

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I understand leaving your hair down in summer can be really challenging; the urge to tie it up in a ponytail or a bun is irresistible. However, your hair is vulnerable when wet and your hair band will be full of loose hair when you remove it and will leave its mark on your hair. Wait for your hair to be completely dry before you get out your hair bands or clips.

Using heat tools on wet hair

When we are in a hurry we blast our hair with the blow dryer to dry it quickly, unknowingly causing damage. Rather wait for the water to drip out, put your dryer on medium heat, and then move on to a higher level to style your hair. A simple step like this can go a long way. Also, the steam you see while ironing your wet hair should have “major damage” written all over it. Allow your hair to dry completely dry and then apply a heat protectant before using a hair iron.

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Kim Kardashian West attends the Met Gala wearing a skin-tight latex dress with wet hair. (Reuters)

Going to sleep with dripping hair

Avoid going to bed with wet hair. Doing so can lead to extreme hair damage, give you a bad cold, hamper your immune system as sleeping with wet hair can lead to bacteria growth, give you severe acne – and it will take you to double the time to style your hair in the morning. Rather, make sure you wash your hair well before your bedtime and if you feel your hair is still wet, give it blast with your hair dryer on a cool setting. Also, it is better to have a silk pillowcase than a cotton one, it will reduce breakage and the growth of bacteria.


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