This new Cool Blonde range defines a healthier way to eliminate brassy/yellow undertones on: platinum blonde, silver and grey hair with the exclusive infusion known as Violet Botanical Complex ​technology.
With the popularity of platinum-toned hair being THE trend tonal shade of the season, achieving this look no longer means comprising on care with ‘blonde-spiration’ taken to another level!

Cool Blonde shampoo and conditioner - a colour toning, duo-led regime that defines a healthier way to eliminate brassy/yellow undertones on: platinum blonde, silver and grey hair with the exclusive infusion known as Violet Botanical Complex ​technology. 

Cool blonde shampoo. Picture: Supplied.

Delivering tonal-corrective care with equal measures of nutritional benefits, this is all about the combined ‘Power-of-Three’, purple super-food ingredients: Blueberries, purple potato and purple carrots.

These natural wonders work together by depositing violet-intensifying pigments to support overall fibre strength and collagen for optimised resistance. So it’s goodbye tarnishing tones and hello to a more vibrant blonde , which means less breakage potential for colour-treated hair in particular and more protection benefit

Blueberries - renowned its antioxidant A, C and E properties to help aid hair growth and scalp circulation for more body and thickness!

Purple Potato - counteracts dullness which can lead to damage, Vitamin A (beta-carotene) promotes cell regeneration and gives lustrous shine!

Purple Carrots - the upgrade to its orange counterpart, that’s rich in anthocyanins – the antioxidant compound that gives blueberries their amazing colour.

This collection will be  a vailable at selected Splush stores & other salons from June 2018.