Pekela Riley demonstrating a hair styling tip. Picture: Supplied.
MIZANI has embarked on a global mission to identify talented hair stylists that will be chosen as  the Mizani Global Artist Collectives.  The hairstylists will be sent to the United States from April 19–  27 April to be trained through a unique process with an emphasis on education, salon  profitability, state of the art techniques and MIZANI hair care products.

One of the stylists chosen is Titus Magida from MosDef Hair Salo,South Africa. After a series  of interviews and tasks to performance to qualify ,he has been officially been appointed as  the global MIZANI Global Artist Collectives.

The group of stylists were selected from Europe , US and Africa and will be given exposure by  the brand on the latest global hair trends and also to further enhance their skills and talents.  The stylists will also be given opportunities to travel around the world performing work for  Mizani and making appearances.