The extended bespoke botanic range is specifically created for coarse, tangled hair. Picture: Instagram.
Many women have stopped relaxing their hair and went natural but some are still clueless about the challenges that come with the big fro. 

Afro hair is naturally coarse, thus causing it difficult to maintain. With the cry for help to get products that actually work on natural hair, popular hair brand TRESEMMÉ breaks new ground and launches an extended bespoke botanic range specifically created for coarse, tangled hair. 

The Bespoke Botanic range has been specially formulated to cater to the needs-state of dry and damaged hair through its most powerful benefit – moisturisation.

It consists of hair food, rich oil mist, and pre-wash detangling butter, each containing two key moisture intensive ingredients; coconut milk and aloe vera. 

Coconut milk contains essential nutrients which are known to be particularly beneficial for nourishing, conditioning and restoring shine to dry, damaged and brittle hair. Aloe vera is rich in vitamins and known to smoothen the cuticle surface of the hair, attract and seal in moisture, and detangle hair. 

The good thing about this range is that it can be used not only on afro hair but dreadlocks too. The rich oil mist is good for the roots of the locs while the hair food works better on the hair shaft.