Just like skin, your hair needs a proper daily regime. Picture: Supplied.
Just like skin, your hair needs a proper daily regime. Picture: Supplied.

Wint-hair is here – what’s your strategy?

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published May 4, 2019

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It’s the season where winter air is not friendly to the hair, especially natural hair. Just like skin, your hair needs a proper daily regime which changes with the season and to best take care of your afro, natural hair blogger Bushbaby Amy shares the following hair tips. 

Switch shampoos

Although a sulfate-free shampoo is a step in the right direction, the harsh winter air may require the use of an even milder shampoo. Potentially, a reduction in wash day frequency may also be in order, however, if you cannot go without a cleanse the use of a specifically formulated cleansing co-wash would be the best option for your tresses.

Double up on deep conditioning

If there’s something we cannot deny about winter is that it will dry your hair out. So increasing your moisture treatments is important. Deep condition with every wash, ensuring you add heat to assist in boosting the benefits of the process.
Pro-Tip: Don’t have a heat cap or steamer? Simply use a plastic shopping bag or shower cap to cover your head. Adding a beanie, doek, or towel on top of that will encourage greater heat generation.

Low to no manipulation

Dry hair is brittle hair. Make use of long and medium term protective hair styles. Styles like braids and cornrows can be  inclusive or exclusive of the addition of synthetic fibre to your hair. As much as these styles are a lot  more convenient it is very important to take care of your natural hair.

Natural hair blogger, Bushbaby Amy. Picture: Supplied. 

L.O.C in that moisture 

Take the time to lock moisture into your hair. Following the L.O.C (Leave in. Oil. Cream) or L.C.O method will guarantee
this.  Pro-Tip: Work through your head section by section, ensuring you smooth each product along  your hair shaft.

Satin is essential

Materials such as cotton and wool draw moisture from your hair.  The addition of a satin or silk lining to these materials can greatly reduce the effects of such.  Additionally, switch out your cotton pillowcases for silk or satin, or if you prefer, wrap up your tresses  in a doek, scarf or bonnet. 

Pro-Tip: Switching out your cotton towels for microfiber, or an old t-shirt will greatly benefit  moisture retention in your crown.

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