Ice Prince Zamani. Picture: Instagram.

There is just something special about men with beards. 
What make-up is to women, is what a beard is to men. A clean beard can make a man stand out, irrespective of what he’s wearing and here are our top three men who know how to rock beards. 

3. Ice Prince Zamani
The Nigerian musician doesn't keep all of his facial hair but rather trims it nicely, leaving the mustache and the chin only. It kinda gives him that youngin look but that beard does things. 

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2. D'banj
First time seeing the Koko Master I was in second year, he looked  like a classic in his forever fresh beard and dim shades. His is also not long but the way he takes care of it makes him a WOW. 

D'banj. Picture: Instagram. 

1. Lee Barney
Barney wasn’t named the GQ Model of the Week for nothing, he is beard goals! His full beard has that thing. He could be wearing rags but the beard will just do the things, that’s how nice it is.

Lee Barney. Picture: Instagram. 

For those who don’t like beards, you might just want to consider growing it and join the #beardgang.