Top 5 tips on how to plan the perfect summer wedding

Summer is a great time for weddings. Picture: Edson Habacuc Rafael

Summer is a great time for weddings. Picture: Edson Habacuc Rafael

Published Aug 25, 2023


Spring is in the air, which means summer is on our doorstep.

This means wedding season is upon us.

While most brides plan their weddings way in advance, there are some who for many reasons only have a short time to do so.

If you are one of those brides and would still love to have a gorgeous summer wedding, now’s the time to start planning.

Here’s everything you need to know about planning your perfect summer wedding.

It’s all about location

Summer is the best time to consider outdoor venues such as gardens, beachfronts, or vineyards.

However, always make sure that the location provides ample shade and has alternative indoor options in case of unexpected weather changes.

Consider having a beachfront wedding. Picture: Pexels Key Notez

Timing is key

Take advantage of the longer days in summer and plan your ceremony and reception during the late afternoon or early evening.

This will allow for a more comfortable experience for you and your guests, avoiding the peak heat of the day. The golden hour is amazing for photographs.

Late afternoon is a perfect time. Picture: Freepik Wirestock

Be mindful of the heat

Summer weddings mean warmer temperatures, so it's important to keep your guests' comfort in mind.

Provide shade and fans for outdoor ceremonies. Consider offering individual umbrellas to keep people cool.

Embrace the season

Incorporate the essence of summer into your wedding theme. Choose vibrant and cheerful colours for your decor, select seasonal flowers, and include refreshing beverages and light, summer-inspired menu options.

Select seasonal flowers. Picture: Freepik Rawpixel

Select the ideal service provider

Choose providers with experience in summer weddings. They will understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with the season.

Consider professionals who can handle outdoor set-ups, provide cooling solutions, and accommodate the needs of a summer event.