WATCH: How bizarre! Groom arrives in hearse to his wedding and is carried down the aisle in coffin

Groom arrived in a coffin. Picture: Pexels

Groom arrived in a coffin. Picture: Pexels

Published Nov 8, 2022


Weddings with their bizarre themes and crazy antics are getting out of hand.

From mud weddings to a groom with a gun, I thought I’ve seen it all but nope, I’m once again shocked by yet another weird wedding scene.

A TikTok video showing a groom arriving at his wedding in a hearse has gone viral.

Of course, it’s gone viral!

Who in their right mind purposefully gets into a coffin?

It’s one thing to do so as some kind of sick joke but to arrive at your wedding in a coffin?

That’s not funny at all.

The video which has been viewed over 2 million times and already raked up over 240k likes since it was posted on Monday, shows wedding guests awaiting the groom in an open-air setting.

Two bridesmaids and four grooms men act as what would be referred to as pallbearers at a funeral and are seen taking out a black coffin from the hearse and carrying it down the grass aisle.

When the coffin gets to the alter one of the grooms men opens the coffin to assist the groom out of the coffin.

@tobz88 Tell me you’re dramatic without telling me you’re dramatic. #wedding #walkingdowntheaisle #areyoukiddingme #getthefucouttahere #tildeathdouspart ♬ Rest In Peace - Dorothy

Even though we don’t get to see the faces of the guests I don’t see any of them gasping in shock. It all seems pretty normal.

While the guests didn’t seem too perturbed, TikTok users had a lot to say.

One said: “I’d be at the bar already drinking and trying to figure out how to make different friends,” while another said, “Definitely … different! but no thank you, that’s a panic attack waiting to happen.”

While others were left wondering what the meaning of this was.

“I interpret it as like ‘I was dead before I met you’ or ‘my life didn’t truly start until I met you’”, said one.

Another said: “His only explanation better be that life wasn’t worth living until he met me.”