‘Who hired a stripper?!’ Groom’s ex wears inappropriate outfit to his wedding

Ex wore a mini and suspenders to her ex-husband’s wedding. Picture: Pexels/Cottonbro

Ex wore a mini and suspenders to her ex-husband’s wedding. Picture: Pexels/Cottonbro

Published Jan 5, 2023


No matter how civil your breakup with your ex was, never invite them to your wedding.

One very rarely hears of weddings that have run smoothly when an ex has either been invited to a wedding or somehow manages to attend one.

Whether it’s the groom or the bride’s ex, it doesn’t matter. An ex at a wedding simply isn’t a good idea.

This bride certainly wasn’t ready for what was going to happen at their wedding when she and her husband decided to invite his ex-wife to their micro wedding.

The newly-wed took to Reddit to share what happened on the day.

“My husband has a child with his ex, so sees her quite often for things related to my step-kid. We were always planning on inviting her to the wedding to see their kid all dressed up and to generally keep a good co-parenting relationship. Before we had invited her, she informed DH that she'd be there and asked when and where it was. He was a little taken aback, but as we were planning on inviting her anyway, he just told her,” shared the user.

While the ex-wife’s presence wasn’t an issue, what she wore caused quite a stir.

“On the day, she showed up to our morning ceremony wearing the shortest dress I’ve ever seen, over stockings and suspenders (the suspenders could be seen for a good 6 inches before the bottom of the dress), skyscraper heels, nightclub make-up, and costume jewellery. My father actually pulled me aside to ask, ‘who hired a stripper?!’” she said of the ex-wife’s outfit.

“I found out afterwards from mutual friends that she had texted all of them asking when they were getting there – because she had invited herself, we hadn’t thought to let her know it was such a small ceremony – and when they let her know it was family only and the reception was completely separate, she began to panic a little.”

“And I had the best petty revenge. I asked everyone to be EXTRA nice to her. Every time she tried to sneak away someone would engage her in conversation. She was extremely uncomfortable, and ended up sitting down with her coat covering her.”

Thankfully, the wedding went off without a hitch.