Muscle cars like the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro are a dime a dozen in the USA but sadly they're a rare treat in South Africa despite our general love of cars.

The big problem is that none of them are built with the steering wheel on the right, meaning an expensive conversion is the only way we can legally enjoy these automotive ponies.

That obstacle should be out of the way by the time the next generation Mustang surfaces in 2015. According to the website, the new Mustang will more than likely be a global car and there will be a right-hand drive version for markets like the UK, Japan and Australia.

While this does not guarantee that Ford South Africa will take the bait and introduce it here, it certainly opens the door to such a move. The company will also have a hot little niche to itself unless GMSA stops dragging its heels with the Camaro - which is already offered in the UK.

The cost-savings borne from globalising the Mustang will reportedly be used to make it a more sophisticated machine - fitting, since it will face up to ever-stricter emissions legislation.

The website also speculated that the 2015 Mustang will ditch its old-fashioned live rear axle for a fully independent multi-link set-up and while it will still offer a V8 (as Ford's latest 5-litre V8 is still too new to throw away), cheaper versions of the muscle car will use Ford's EcoBoost turbopetrol mill.

All that's left to do is pray that they get it right and that Ford South Africa sees the light.