Shelby reveals 600kW+ Mustang Speedster as part of 2021 ‘bundle of snakes’

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Mar 16, 2021

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LAS VEGAS - Renowned US tuner Shelby American has unleashed what it calls the ultimate “bundle of snakes”, which come in the form of a new 2021 modified Mustang model range that now includes an open top ‘Speedster’ version of the Super Snake.

This Speedster conversion turns the Mustang into a two-seat roadster, complete with a convertible tonneau and unique striping.

“The new Speedster is stunning,” said Shelby American boss Gary Patterson.

“From a styling perspective, there is simply nothing like it on the road. With the widebody option, it’s a rare combination of sleek elegance and American muscle machismo.”

Talking American muscle, Shelby doesn’t go into much detail about the technical specifics, but the tuner does promise that the Super Snake’s 5-litre supercharged V8 produces upwards of 825 horsepower, which translates to 615kW in metric speak. Buyers can choose between manual and automatic transmission and if the Speedster body style isn’t up their alley, the traditional Mustang fastback tin-top body format is also available.

Shelby American says it will produce just 98 Speedster edition Super Snakes for the US market, and you’ll hear this number a lot from them this year as the 2021 model range celebrates what would have been the 98th birthday of late company founder Carroll Shelby. To that end, the tuner will also release 98 each of the non-speedster Super Snake cars, as well as the GT500 SE and Shelby GT.

“The 2021 model year represents a significant new chapter at Shelby American,” Patterson enthused.

“This is the most diverse group of Ford Mustang-based Shelby’s in our history. While the amazing Ford Mustang is a world-class car from the factory, our team created additional models so we can offer something for everyone who dreams of owning a high-performance Shelby.

“From the daily driver Shelby GT to the technically sophisticated Shelby GT500 SE package and the limited-edition Shelby Super Snake Speedster, we’ve never offered so many choices.”

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