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Friday, May 27, 2022

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Latest-gen Ford GT supercar arrives in SA, but it’s not for sale

Published Apr 18, 2022


Johannesburg - Honouring Ford’s illustrious racing history, the latest-generation Ford GT supercar became a very sought after machine after it was unleashed in 2015.

However, this supercar was destined to be forbidden fruit for South Africans given that it was only produced in left-hand drive format and numbers were very limited too.

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Yet despite this, and the fact that it can’ legally be driven on the road, one of South Africa’s most avid car collectors has managed to bring one into the country to complete one of the rarest GT collections in the world.

Colin Lazarus, owner of Lazarus Ford in Centurion, has become the only person on the African continent to own the latest-generation Ford GT. This ultimate Ford supercar joins his 1965 Ford GT40 MK1 and previous generation 2005 Ford GT, with all three playing an influential part in representing 50 years of Ford motorsport.

“I was incredibly fortunate to be able to get this 2020 Ford GT into the country,” Colin Lazarus admitted, “but having the other two GTs proved how passionate and serious I was about these Fords and the bearing they have on Ford’s greatest motorsport achievements.

“Seeing everybody’s reaction to these three cars is terrific for the brand and illustrates the evolution of technology and performance. I doubt there is another private collection like it anywhere in the world,” he added.

The modern Ford GT was built to emulate the success of the original Ford GT40, specifically at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966 where the GT40 secured one of its most famous victories of all time with a 1-2-3 photo finish. Incredibly, and despite a very short development period, the latest Ford GT won Le Mans exactly half a century later, in 2016.

The process of ordering a Ford GT is also a rather special occasion, according to Ford. Owners receive a carbon fibre box that contains a scale model of the GT, onto which the various wheel designs, paint and other options can all be applied and interchanged.

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To transport his GT safely between locations, remember it’s not road legal due to its LHD status, Lazarus built a customized Ford truck.

In terms of outputs, the dramatic evolution of engine performance between these GTs has seen a change from normally aspirated power to forced induction and each GT carries its own distinctive soundtrack as a result. The original MK1 was powered by a 7.0-litre V8 that thumped out 361kW, while the 2005 Ford GT brought supercharging to the party, with its 5.4-litre V8 good for 410kW and 678Nm.

This latest Ford GT is powered by a highly-tuned twin turbocharged 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 engine, visible through a glass engine cover, which produces 492kW and 746Nm. This ensures it is capable of launching from 0-100km/h in 3.0 seconds, with a top speed of 350km/h. Power goes to the back wheels through a dual clutch automatic gearbox.

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In order to make it feel more responsive, engineers created innovative anti-lag turbo technology. This works by keeping the throttle open when the driver is not pressing the accelerator pedal. The fuel injectors are off, but turbo speed and boost are maintained for faster engine response and acceleration as soon as the driver hits the accelerator.

The supercar’s striking and functional appearance is a result of the extensive use of carbon fibre. This has allowed engineers to sculpt the bodywork more aggressively down the flanks where it wraps and tapers around the compact V6 engine. The GT also has the lowest frontal area of any Ford model.

As racing focused as the cabin is, the Ford GT hasn’t forgotten about modern conveniences and luxuries. A focused racing-inspired cabin doesn’t mean that the Ford GT goes without the convenience items that motorists are accustomed to and to that end the GT is equipped with Ford’s Sync3 infotainment system as well as multiple digital displays, including one behind the steering wheel.

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