Range Rover Sport goes into Stealth mode with snazzy design package

Published Apr 5, 2024


The Range Rover Sport is looking to unveil its dark side with the introduction of the new Stealth Pack option, now available in South Africa.

The new pack is priced at R153,100 and is available on the Dynamic SE D350 diesel and P400 petrol models, which are priced at R2,283,700 and R2,287,200 respectively.

JLR describes the Stealth Pack as a carefully curated combination of “dark and dramatic” finishes, and includes a Carpathian Grey Satin exterior colour with a Satin Protective Film.

This is the first time that this factory-fitted, solvent free paint option is being offered on a Range Rover Sport option pack. Apart from dazzling owners with its rich satin finish it also offers improved scratch protection.

An extended black pack provides some contrast, applying a Narvik Black Gloss colour scheme to the roof, lower bumpers, side sills, bonnet vents, Range Rover lettering and even the brake callipers.

To give this stealthy package the kind of on-road purpose it deserves, the carmaker has also fitted a set of 23-inch wheels in.. you guessed it.. Gloss Black.

By now, it's hardly surprising that the cabin is adorned with Natural Black Veneers, but there is at least a lighter upholstery color option available.

Buyers who find the Ebony Windsor Leather upholstery too dark for their liking can at least opt for Light Colour Windsor Leather, which is officially endorsed by the Royal Family. Okay, we made that last part up, but would you be surprised?

Cabin features include an 11.4-inch touch screen infotainment system as well as JLR’s Interactive Driver Display and Meridian Surround Sound System.

There are no changes beneath the bonnet, and as a reminder the D350 diesel engine is good for 258kW and 700Nm, while the P400 petrol produces 294kW and 550Nm. Both are 3-litre, straight-six turbocharged units.

The Stealth Pack will also be available plug-in hybrid form later this year.


“The new Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack option is inspired by a refined and contemporary sports aesthetic,” says Ranger Rover material design manager Hannah Custance.

“It was created for clients looking for a specification which conveys empowerment and strength. The introduction of the Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack, with a satin wrapped exterior and extended use of Narvik Black Gloss, pushes dramatic luxury even further.”

Have they hit the mark? You’ll have to head to your nearest Jaguar Land Rover dealer to find out.

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