Durban bride-to-be robbed of her wedding dress during peak-hour traffic

A picture of the wedding gown that was stolen during peak-hour traffic in the Durban CBD. Picture: Supplied

A picture of the wedding gown that was stolen during peak-hour traffic in the Durban CBD. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 27, 2023


A Durban bride-to-be has refused to let a robbery incident spoil one of the most important days of her life.

Jennine Naidoo, from Shallcross, was robbed of her wedding dress in peak hour traffic in the Durban CBD on Monday morning.

Her wedding will take place on August 5.

Naidoo took to social media to express her disappointment at the level of crime and urged motorists to be careful at the spot she was robbed.

Many social media users sent their messages of support and wished her well for her wedding.

IOL made contact with Naidoo to find out what transpired.

She said she and her father had been on their way to work in a bakkie.

She said her wedding dress, which was worth R15,000 was in the back on their bakkie which was locked.

She had been taking her dress to have an alteration at the dressmaker before her big day.

“We had been driving near West Street near the China Mall that burnt down, when we were robbed. While in traffic my dad kept on looking in his rear-view mirror as we know that area is a hotspot for smash and grabs,” Naidoo said.

“All of the sudden my father noticed a guy had opened the back of the bakkie somehow, we started shouting hysterically but he had already pulled the dress out,” she said.

“Another guy was with him and he just smirked at me.”

Naidoo said despite this being her dream wedding dress, she wouldn’t want it back.

“I had purchased the dress last year and was excited to wear it. But I would never want it back. It was so special and now I feel it has been tainted.”

She said she was trying to rake up money to purchase another dress with the help with friends and family.

Naidoo said she did not report the matter to police.

“The justice system always fails us and it won’t bring my dress back.”

She said the robbery incident left them traumatised.

“But I’m so glad my father and I were not harmed in anyway.

“I believe that God had a plan. I was thinking if I kept the dress in the front with me, we could have been harmed.”

She said it sad at the level of crime.

“There is no human compassion and human value, to steal my wedding dress and them smirk at me.

“We work hard for our stuff and for it to be taken away in that manner is disheartening.

“But I am not prepared to let this incident spoil my wedding day.”

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