Woman slain by ex-boyfriend at shopping centre despite protection order

Sasha Lee Monique Shah was killed in a parking lot at Gateway at the weekend. Picture: Facebook

Sasha Lee Monique Shah was killed in a parking lot at Gateway at the weekend. Picture: Facebook

Published Nov 5, 2022


Durban - Sasha Lee Monique Shah was killed in a domestic dispute in the Gateway shopping centre parking lot last weekend.

Shah's death sent shock waves through the Durban community after it was revealed that she was gunned down by her ex-boyfriend, Kyle Inderlall, who then turned the gun on himself.

IOL reported that both died at the scene.

The marketing manager of the Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Michelle Shelley, said: “Domestic incidents of this nature are both tragic and traumatic. Our sincere condolences and thoughts are with the families.”

Days following her daughter's murder, Jessica Shah revealed that an interim protection order had been served on Inderlall. She said Sasha Lee had applied for a protection order because she feared for her life.

Sasha Lee said she was not living a normal life as Inderlall had been stalking her.

She said in her application for the order: “I do not know what he's capable of as he has a firearm. My family and I feel very unsafe because he parks outside our house and I have no father to assist.

“He tried to contact me everyday and just yesterday he kidnapped me and told me that he will make a very big scene if he doesn’t get to see me or if I get a new boyfriend.”

Sasha Lee added that she feared for her life.

“I insist on an interim order so that I may be protected as soon as possible as he is very unpredictable and I don’t know if he will hurt me if he doesn’t see me,” Sasha Lee said.

Jessica Shah told IOL that Inderlall had been served with the interim order and was so be served with a protection order in due course.

The interim order obtained by Sasha Lee Shah

In a text message to Jessica, Inderlall said Jessica was hurting him by not allowing him to see Sasha Lee.

He said he loved her. “You will be very sad and miserable when I take her away from you,” he wrote in a text message.

Jessica said Inderlall refused to accept that her daughter had ended the relationship.

“He was her first boyfriend and she was in a relationship with him for 12 years and chose to leave after giving him many chances to change his wrongs. She made it very clear to him that she no longer wanted to be in a relationship with him and she ended the relationship in June 2022," she said.

Jessica said she wanted to set the record straight following what she called untrue comments on social media.

She said her family was devastated by what happened.

She added that she hoped gender-based violence survivors would be taken seriously.

“Our family did everything the legal and correct way, and it got us nowhere. Our justice system has failed us, just as it has so many others. May my sweet girl rest in peace,” she said.